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mission Carta Europea della Sicurezza Stradale

La Carta europea della sicurezza stradale è una piattaforma partecipativa costituita da aziende, associazioni, istituti di ricerca ed enti pubblici. Questi attori intraprendono azioni concrete e condividono le buone pratiche per risolvere i problemi relativi alla sicurezza stradale che constatano quotidianamente nell'ambiente circostante. L'obiettivo della Carta consiste nel contribuire a limitare il numero delle vittime della strada. La Carta conta oltre 2.000 firmatari.

1. What is the European Road Safety Charter?

  • The largest existing road safety platform, encompassing all EU member states. It forms part of the Road Safety Action Plan launched by the European Commission in 2003, through its Directorate-General for Energy and Transport, with the ambitious goal of halving the number of deaths on European roads. The Charter integrates enterprises, public authorities and civil society and provides a unique opportunity to take direct action to reduce road fatalities, assess results and share ideas and successful measures. 2. What is the cost of road traffic injuries at European level? According to 2008 figures: 1,300,000 accidents, 39,000 deaths and 1,600,000 injuries. The direct and indirect costs of road traffic injuries as a result of road traffic accidents have been estimated at approximately 2% of the European GDP. 3. Who is most at risk of road accidents? Young people between 18 and 25 years old account for 20% of all road fatalities recorded (Source: CARE EU Database on road accidents). People at work. 50% of work related accidents are road accidents on the way to or coming back from the work place making this a real health policy issue (Source: OECD, 2008). 4. What is a road safety commitment? It is a concrete action that positively influences road safety and benefits the signatory and society as a whole. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate creative and effective road safety initiatives. 5. Why can a commitment make a difference on our roads? Traffic accidents and injuries are preventable by taking affirmative action. By signing a commitment, participants can rest assured that they are actively contributing to reducing the number of accidents on the roads; to reducing environmental and material damage; to improving public health; and to increasing public awareness for this vital issue that affects each one of us every day. 6. Who can sign a road safety commitment? Any company, association or public authority from all EU member states is entitled to apply to sign a commitment. Each commitment will be carefully reviewed and approved by the European Commission. By June 2009, 1,400 entities had signed and the figure is growing every day. 7. How long does a road safety commitment last? The commitment will last for a duration of 3 years, after which signatories will be given the option to renew it, maintaining the same initiatives as the original commitment or modifying the pledge to incorporate new initiatives. 8. What issues will my commitment influence? The commitment could positively influence the following vital components of the integrated approach to road safety: Vehicle Safety: Innovation, safety devices, vehicle regulation policies. Infrastructure Safety: Safer road infrastructures, road safety impact assessment. User behaviour: Increased understanding, improved skills, and strengthened attitudes.
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